The Effects of Delayed Justice

Carnell Construction Corporation is now out of business after being in business since 1991. The firm performed over $ 22,000,000.00 in construction projects. Good paying jobs, with full 100% company paid health and life insurance benefits, have been lost. Employees have been laid off, including one employee who had worked with the family for 40 years ! The firm’s equipment has been sold, including an auction that was held on November 24, 2012. Numerous small businesses, women owned businesses, and minority owned businesses are adversely affected by Carnell Construction Corporation’s untimely demise. These businesses are suppliers, subcontractors, professional firms, and banks. Among the businesses affected is First State Bank, the last remaining black owned bank in the state of Virginia, and one of only thirty in the country. Carnell's Construction crew working on the Blaine Square Project
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The taxpayers lose because Carnell Construction Corporation is no longer in business. The firm completed over one hundred (100) projects. Among these construction projects were Virginia Department of Transportation projects totaling 44.78 miles of roadway. By being the lowest responsive and responsible bidder on the publicly funded construction projects, the firm saved the taxpayers $2,129,190.00 on the Virginia Department of Transportation projects alone. In February 2013, the Virginia General Assembly approved a major overhaul in transportation funding for the first time since the 1980’s. As a result of being put out of business and to date, not being made financially whole to get back in business, Carnell cannot compete for the much needed forthcoming new jobs and save the taxpayers additional tax dollars by being a lowest responsive and responsible bidder.

Blaine Square Project
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Due to the actions taken against Carnell Construction Corporation on this project, the firm lost its construction bonding capabilities. Since 2001, over 92 % of its revenue was derived from construction bonded projects.Prior to the start of the Blaine Square project, Carnell Construction Corporation had an unblemished record as a licensed Class A contractor in Virginia for the classifications of Heavy/Highway and Building. Class A is the highest level of contractor licensure in Virginia. Due to the adverse financial impact upon the firm caused by the Blaine Square Project, Carnell Construction Corporation’s license was revoked by the Commonwealth. Aerial view of Tobacco Warehouse District Parking Lot Project
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The horrible irony is that while on the Blaine Square Project, Carnell Construction Corporation was the only licensed general contractor on the project. After Carnell Construction Corporation was removed from the project without just cause, the building contractor and its sitework subcontractor, both unlicensed contractors in Virginia, were allowed to perform work on the project anyway. After the project was completed, both the unlicensed building contractor and the unlicensed subcontractor obtained their license and continue to perform work with their new licenses. Last large project by Carnell Construction,Falling Creek Blue Ridge VA
Having lost its construction bonding capabilities, its contractor's license revoked, its equipment sold, its employees laid off, and forced out of business, the company has numerous liens, judgments, pending civil actions against it from suppliers and subcontractors. Carnell Construction Corporation and its owners / managers had a reputable name and reputation. This was evidenced by its long history of performance on projects. The owners / managers have incurred an enormous amount of personal debt while awaiting for justice to be served. They have lost their means of income and their health insurance. Their names, reputations, and livelihoods have been further damaged by the length of time and continues to financially destroy this family while justice has been delayed. Aerial view of the complete Falling Creek Dam Project Blue Ridge Va