Why Donate

This could happen to you! What if your supervisor, boss, or another person that has control over your job, your income, your career, decides to “dust you” ? Making the situation even more appalling, the person vows to “dust” you even though he personally witnessed racial slurs being directed about you. You complained about the hostile work environment, yet you were removed from your job. The people who made the racial slurs and created the hostile work environment kept their jobs!  

Further, the same person outlines his intent in writing and lists the proposed ways of damaging your employment, livelihood, and career, even though he approved your work? When you complain about the way you are being treated and affected by the actions taken against you, the firm takes actions against you without just cause. You seek justice through the legal system. You continue to win in court by a jury of your peers, but are not made whole because you were not provided the opportunity to present all of your damages for a jury to decide what compensation you should receive. Suppose the firm you are working for proclaims on its Facebook page that “It’s a wonderful day...” because you have not been made whole even though "the truth prevailed" and the firm you worked for was found guilty of its actions without just cause?

You feel too tired to continue, but you cannot quit. You cannot continue the fight on your own. You need help from friends, both known and unknown, to continue to persevere. Could this possibly happen to you ?

The family is “all in” but there is still a long way to go. They need our HELP!   PLEASE DONATE!

If you wish to send a check, please send it to:
Billes Relief Fund
P.O. Box 361
Spencer, VA 24165-0361